Rental parameters

  • One day rental = 24 hours maximum, and 8 hours maximum on meter.
  • One week rental = 5 days maximum, or 32 hours maximum on meter.
  • One month rental = Calendar Month maximum, or 128 hours maximum on meter.
  • Weekend rates are available at 1½ times the daily rate.
  • Overage rates vary by machine.
  • Rates subject to change without notice.
  • Morning and afternoon rates are available upon request.


  • Payment – Payments are due in advance.
  • Proof of Insurance Required – Customer is responsible for liability and physical loss or damage to the equipment. All rentals must be insured by customer; policy number, documentation must be present before equipment leaves premises.
  • Fuel – Customer is responsible for all fuel consumed.
  • Tire Wear – All excessive tire wear or tire damage will be charged to customer upon return.
  • Service – Customer is responsible to service and maintain machine as specified on maintenance guide, including checking all fluids and grease daily and returning the equipment cleaned. Customer must repair or replace any damages incurred to machine, including glass & panels. Customer must also provide all wearable supplies, such as fuel, oil, filters, ground engaging tools (ex. Cutting edges, teeth, bits, tips, blades, etc.).
  • Points, Edges, Teeth – All equipment will be shipped with 50% minimum ground engaging tools. Units not returned with same will have additional charge due.
  • Repairs – Customer is responsible for any repairs resulting from lack of service, abuse or misuse. Abuse includes, but is not limited to, operating machine while low on ANY lubricant or coolant, oil pressure, excessive fuel pressure, or dirty filters. Customer is responsible for stopping operation anytime machine overheats, loses pressure or loses prime. Failure of any shutdown system does not alleviate customer’s responsibility.
  • Freight – Customer has the option to pick up and return the equipment by his own facilities, by the common carrier, or by NIEBUR TRACTOR & EQUIPMENT, INC., if we are available. Freight will be charged from point of origin to job site with return to point of origin.
  • Clean machine – a cleaning charge of $200 will be assessed if machine returns dirty.